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MTN 94 Spray Paint

Starving Artist Supply

$5.00 $7.99

MTN 94 Spray Paint was the first true artist's spray color ever introduced, crafted to offer far superior performance to anything the industry had previously seen. Now a worldwide favorite, it offers incomparable control, an ultra-fast drying time, a pure matte finish, and 100% versatility in any application.

The MTN 94 line is available in an expansive palette of more than 160 rich colors as well as three clear coat finishes. Among the vast range are transparent Espectros colors (ideal for volume effects) as well as a great selection of grays in chromatic gradations (crucial for projects requiring exceptional depth and/or shading).

Another unique feature of MTN 94 is its low- to high-pressure female valve, which gives artists great flexibility when trying to achieve specific nuances or effects. The cans come standard with a versatile soft touch cap that allows for both fast coverage of large areas and precision outlining. Or use MTN 94 with a wide selection of other MTN Spray Caps (sold separately).

All MTN 94 Spray Paint colors have a pleasant vanilla scent, which eliminates bothersome odors when working in enclosed spaces.

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